NEW YORK, NY—Vivitar recently unveiled it’s “We Make Fun” branding approach at the Consumer Electronics Show this month in Las Vegas. Tech buyers were greeted by a colorful, warm, and playful show booth, which is a departure from the emphasis of style and functionality usually seen in consumer electronics advertising. 

In addition to developing the creative approach, Sirk Productions produced fifteen videos and animated shorts, which were played for buyers as a demonstration of the new branding approach and media support for Vivitar’s product introductions. The videos featured Amber, The Vivitar Girl, in various scenarios that demonstrate the fun ways in which Vivitar products match and enhance her lifestyle. 

“Vivitar was looking for a fresh approach to their advertising,” said Marc Perez, the CEO and co-founder of Sirk Productions. “They wanted to distinguish themselves from the highly competitive field of tech advertising by emphasizing the concept fun.”

Vivitar’s product offerings come in five basic categories: Digital Imaging, Smart Home, Audio, Wearables and Mobile Power. The company presented Sirk Productions with the challenge of reintroducing an old, established brand famous for lenses and camera equipment to a tech-savvy modern audience. 

“We have a knack for retelling the story of older, established brands.” said Perez. “Vivitar presented an exciting opportunity to work with such a well regarded company.”