LAS VEGAS, NV—Altec Lansing recently unveiled two of it’s latest “Versus” branding videos at the Consumer Electronics Show this month in Las Vegas. The series, which pits the highly durable Altec Lansing Life Jacket Bluetooth speakers against outrageous challenges, has played a major role in the perception of their unparalleled toughness. 

In “Life Jacket Vs. Jackson Hole, Wyoming,” the Life Jacket speaker is brutalized by professional snowboarders and snowmobilers. In “Life Jacket Vs. The New York Islanders,” the Life Jacket speaker is blasted with slap shots from professional hockey players. The videos graphically show that the speakers are waterproof, sand proof, snow proof, shockproof — everything proof.

“The Versus series of videos has played a major role of defining Altec Lansing in the highly competitive consumer electronics category and contributed to increased consumer demand,” said Marc Perez, the CEO and co-founder of Sirk. “Altec Lansing was very bold with this strategy and it has really paid off.”

Sick created the “est. First” branding for Altec Lansing, which draws upon the company’s pioneering history in consumer audio. Founded in 1927, Altec Lansing brought sound to silent movies and went on to become an iconic brand producing speakers that were the choice of Woodstock and Abbey Road Studios.

“Working with a brand with the stature of Altec Lansing isdream come true for us,” said Perez. “It’s been an exciting challenge to translate their strengths into a vocabulary for today’s world.”