Studies show that online videos up to two minutes long get the most engagement.  After two minutes the human attention span quickly decreases.  How do we keep someone entertained in longer form content?  SIRK has found that a mix of creativity and interactivity will increase both the viewing time and engagement rate.  Utilizing Wirewax Video technology, SIRK has been able to design videos that allow an online audience to participate in the viewing experience.   

Sample:   Diary of a Wimpy Kid World Tour

We have taken the Diary of a Wimpy Kid World Tour videos to a new level.  SIRK wanted to tell writer Jeff Kinney’s annual world tour story in a more dynamic way that would keep viewers entertained and involved.  In this interactive video Wimpy Kid fans help make decisions to help Jeff get to his destination.  Ultimately, if they choose the right path, they win a prize piece to complete a bigger Wimpy Kid puzzle.  The prizes would be accumulated over several other interactive videos to get access to exclusive Wimpy Kid Content.  In addition, the video contains prompts to click on certain icons to learn and discover fun facts and to find characters from the books.  All these features are geared towards higher engagement rates, more views and longer playing time.