television network

In 2008 Sirk Productions purchased the Zilo College Television Network, the #1 campus dorm room network, reaching over 5 million subscribers nationwide.  Rebranded as SirkTV, the network  showcases original films and television content geared towards the college audience that is inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining.   SirkTV features quality content viewers can’t find on television anywhere else; from music to extreme sports to independent films.

In addition to helping schools fill a programming void, SirkTV helps advertisers fill a need in the out-of-home advertising space.  SirkTV works with major brands like the beauty products brand Tweezerman and USA Today to directly reach the coveted student demographic with branded television content.  Since 2000 the network has helped companies like Fox, Viacom, NBC, Conde Nast, Fujifilm, HBO, A&E Networks and Rolling Stone Magazine reach the valuable 18-24 college audience.  Our non-traditional approach reaches an audience that is now developing buying patterns and life-long brand loyalty.  When college students discover a company they like, they essentially brand you;  instantly becoming your marketing force. 

Sirk TV's syndicated award winning first-run television and film programming is free for colleges and universities across the country. Together we will entertain, empower and educate our college viewers while bring value to brands.

Current Programming Includes:  The Inside Reel, JBTV, Xcorps